ORGANIZATION: Our day care is a non-profit Centre operated by the Sisters of our Lady of Mount Carmel. We are fully licensed and staffed. We are provide a safe and clean environment for children of 0 month and 5 years. We also offer before and after school programs for children ages 6 to 12 years old.

GOALS AND PHILOSOPHY: To introduce the knowledge of God at a primary level thus assisting moral and spiritual development.

To provide a caring and stimulating atmosphere where a child may develop a feeling of security which enables them to learn, work and play with others in an acceptable manner.

To promote a healthy emotional, physical, intellectual and social development during a period when growth is both rapid and significant.

To assist in the development of proper, basic living habits associated with rest, play, exercise, eating and sanitary practices

NUTRITION: Following Canada’s Food Guide, nourishing hot lunches are prepared and served daily from the centers’ kitchen.  Tasty snacks are provided twice a day. The menu is posted for your convenience.

HEALTH: In order to ensure the well being of all children, parents are asked to keep any child that has a rash, temperature or is suffering from an upset stomach at home.

The staff should be notified if a child will be absent due to illness. The supervisor will decide if it is necessary to exclude a child from activities due to health reasons.

After a prolonged absence due to illness, a note from the child’s doctor is required upon his/her return.

MEDICATION: According to the Ontario Day Nurseries Act, the staff is forbidden to administer any medication other than that prescribed by the child’s doctor.

If a child requires medication, the “Medical Sheet” must be filled out completely with all pertinent information.

RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the parents’ obligation to make sure their child is brought directly to a staff member inside the Centre’s premises. The child will be released only to those adults authorized by the parents and identified by the staff.

Every effort is made to keep your child’s belongings safe. However, we are not responsible for lost clothing or toys. It is helpful if items are labeled with your child’s name.

ENROLMENT: Forms are available to interested parents, regarding the enrolment of their child or children. The information requested is confidential and is kept on file in the office.

An appointment should be made to discuss the readiness of the child prior to his or her entry. Completed application forms must be submitted prior to the child’s first day.

FEES: Weekly payments are to be made Monday morning. A reduced amount is charged if the child is not in attendance due to illness or holidays.

Note: There is a non-refundable registration fee.

STAFF: The staff is qualified and experienced in creating a loving, caring environment and dedicated to the care and instruction of young children. All is in accordance with the Day Nurseries Act.

The role of the teacher is to provide the setting, the appropriate learning experiences and the guidance which will promote optimum development of children.


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